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Barranca and Blood Justice: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Gordon D. Shirreffs, Spur Award and Owen Wister Award-winning author, tells the tales of the old west as they were meant to be told—with no holds barred action and adventure.

In Barranca, a dying blind man vows to reveal the site of a lost silver mine to two Civil War vets, but only if they will help him see through the quest. He knows he won’t live long enough to enjoy the spoils, but he wants to die at least having the knowledge that it was found. The unlikely trio must deal with arid desert heat, hostile forces, crooked Federales, and treacherous cliffs to discover the lost valley where a silver treasure beyond their wildest imaginings awaits.

In Blood Justice, Jim Murdock had left Ute Crossing seven years before, with a posse hot on his heels and thirsty for blood. Now, he'd arrived back just in time to see another lynching. The three men who were supposed to have murdered the town's leading citizen were removed from the jail at midnight, taken to a hill, and hanged by their necks until dead. Someone was too anxious to get them out of the way, and Jim Murdock was going to find out why. He was going to track down the truth—and the real killer or killers—even if it meant putting his own neck in a noose…

“The joy of reading Shirreffs’ work is in his mastery of pacing and his tough, gritty prose.”  James Reasoner, author of Outlaw Ranger