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Apache Rampage (The Pony Soldiers Book #12)

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Lt. Colonel Colt Harding is ordered to go to mid-western Colorado to protect some miners at a small gold strike. He does, then finds a much larger Apache plot to close down the nearby stage road from Cottonwood Creek up to Denver. Stations have been burned, workers killed. Colt strikes out at them with his 40-man troop. He’s soon helped by 300 cavalry and they fight off the Apaches but the road is not open. The Lightning Troop goes back to their base at Fort Grande Prairie but is soon called out to handle a Cheyenne uprising in southern Kansas. It’s a touch-and-go situation as three bands of Cheyenne are raiding small ranches, stealing horses, and killing ranchers. Can Colt, with his whole battalion this time, drive off the Cheyenne or will he die trying?