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Apache Ambush: A Historical Western Novel (Stonecroft Saga Book #15)

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The south country beckoned, and Gabe and Ezra answered.

It was nothing more than a re-supply trip to Santa Fe, but an encounter with the Tabeguache Ute and the Caputa Ute changed the course of their journey. It wasn’t until they came upon the massacre at a Mexican Hacienda and the subsequent attack from a rampaging band of renegade Jicarilla Apache, that they would uncover a prospering trade in captives and slaves that would raise the ire of both Gabe and Ezra.

When a garrison of Mexican Soldados and one particular officer intervene, things are not as they would first appear. Their purpose was derailed when an unexpected ambush by Apache would prompt a rescue expedition. When all is complicated by the intervention of slave traders, Comancheros, and the perpetrators masking as Mexican Soldados, only then does a simple re-supply journey become a vengeance quest, and all the blood that would flow would not be Apache!

This historical western series will have you gasping for air and capture your heart.