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Answer Me, Answer Me: A YA Coming-Of-Age Novel

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Uncover the enigmatic past and embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery in this YA coming-of-age novel.

In this gripping tale, Gram, the sole guardian of eighteen-year-old Bryn Kinney, departs, leaving behind a veil of secrecy surrounding their origins. Bryn's impoverished and solitary upbringing takes an unexpected turn after Gram's passing, as two revelations come to light: an unknown inheritance from a trust fund and a potential connection to a quaint Kansas town, as hinted by a concealed newspaper clipping. Follow Bryn as she navigates her high school graduation, secures a job, and embarks on an extraordinary quest for answers.

Throughout her journey, Bryn encounters friendly faces and a blossoming romance that ignites her heart. However, alongside these rays of hope, she also faces unexpected animosity in unfamiliar territories and countless dead ends in her relentless pursuit of ancestral and familial clues.

Will Bryn ever discover the answers she seeks? Determined and resolute, she resolves that there must be an answer, regardless of the potential dark secrets that lie in her past. With unwavering determination, Bryn slowly unravels the truth—a truth that proves both ordinary and astonishing, defying her wildest dreams.

Discover the power of self-discovery, love, and resilience in this enthralling coming-of-age story.