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Above the Fold: A YA Contemporary Novel (Carnivalesque Book #1)

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From the author of the Iron Valley series comes a slow-burn romance in this captivating contemporary novel.

Carnivalesque is the perfect escape—if you can score an invitation and find its secret location. The carnival boasts exhibits like glow-in-the-dark bumper cars, King’s Court speed dating, a pitch-black maze you could get lost in, and thousands of teens—dressed up, in costume, and wearing Mardi Gras masks to protect their outward identities. At Carnivalesque, privacy is paramount. No cell phones. No press. No social media, which makes it the perfect scoop for seventeen-year-old journalist, Mackenzie Davis.

Mackenzie needs this story to get her journalism goals on track. She stalks through the forest to find the carnival thinking one night there and she’ll have everything she needs to make her dreams come true, but she falls in love with the escapism and extravagance of Carnivalesque—that or Kierk, the guy who can get her backstage and knows the answers to all of her questions. With every exhibit and every flirtation, her pile of lies builds. As she gets closer to the story and to Kierk, she faces a choice she never thought her practical, career-focused self would have to make: her first love or her future? Unless… there is a way she can have both.