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A Stalemated War (Tales of an Inconvenient War Book #4)

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In the second year of the Korean War, fighting shifted from the deployment of large military units across sizeable landscapes to close-up combat between small units, often fighting hand-to-hand. At the same time negotiations between the North Koreans and the Chinese on one side and the Americans on the other dominated the news cycle.

Everett Klehn, now stationed at Supreme Allied Headquarters (SCAP) in Tokyo, spends much of his time at the negotiations at Kaesang and Panmunjom. His work there relates the difficulties of negotiating with an implacable enemy, as well as coming to grips with the differences of views between the United States and its South Korean allies. Polly Barker and Simone Smithson, who were sent out of Korea, return to take up their former positions in evacuating the wounded from that war-torn country. A new character, David Willburn, undergoes a test of his own willpower in the fighting at the battles of the notorious "punchbowl."

Klehn, Barker, and Smithson undergo experiences that test their commitments to military service and to each other. They never disappoint.