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A Home With A Lion Killer: A Snake and the Dog-Man Classic Western (Snake and the Dog-Man Book #3)

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Johnny Gunn's iconic cowboy drifter duo is back in the saddle for another rip-roaring adventure!

Snake and Dog-man, two foot-loose young men enjoying the freedom of adventuring in the 1870s, fight their way through the great Mojave Desert, one of the deadliest places on earth, as they try to make their way to the Pacific Ocean. Mojave and Paiute Indians, ruthless outlaws, and desert-dwelling loners are just some of the problems they must defeat. Snake is faced with an even more difficult problem, and her name is Louise.

Their quest was to be from Arizona to San Diego but they turned north to follow an emigrant trail along the fabled Mojave River. From water hole to water hole, from mining camp to mining camp, Snake and Dog-man encounter the dregs of humanity on the one hand and some of its finest on the other hand. It’s when they find a young girl, injured and alone, that Snake’s real troubles begin…

To make it to the Pacific, they have to beat the Mojave…