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Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis

Though Richard Curtis is best known as a leading New York literary agent, he is also author of dozens of works of fiction and nonfiction published by leading publishers, as well as numerous works of humor and award-winning satire. His plays have been performed in numerous venues and festivals in New York. He is currently writing, producing and directing The Creepery, a series of horror podcasts scheduled for launch late in 2020.

Curtis’s interest in emerging media and technology led to his founding of the first commercial e-book publishing company in the English language seven years before the introduction of the Kindle and the Digital Revolution.

Curtis is well known as an author advocate. Early in the 1980's, he started writing an advice column for Locus, a science fiction newsletter, and out of his articles several books have been published. He has testified as an expert witness in several publishing trials. He was the first president of the Independent Literary Agents Association and was President of the Association of Authors' Representatives in 1996 and 1997.

Early in his freelance career he conceived The Pro, featuring a sports agent sleuth and action hero (modeled after Dallas Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith). Unlike his book’s hero, Curtis is not very good with his fists.

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