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Nicholas Osborn

Nicholas Osborn

Nicholas Osborn is a second-generation ranch owner and storyteller from the heart of deep East Texas. He is a graduate of Purdue Global University with various publications in magazines, columns, and websites including the Heritage Journal and HARRISON.  

With a career encompassing everything from entertainment marketing to news journalism over the last decade, Nicholas has studied the craft of authentic storytelling and honed his writing throughout the years. His debut series—kicking off with A Day Late and a Bullet Short—aims to mythologize the pineywoods he grew up in and welcome readers to a new chapter of modern Westerns, born of the tall tales that helped shape the genre. His writing is inspired by the history of his home state of Texas, the greater United States, and the larger-than-life heroes, gunslingers, and “black hats” that gave us the myth of the west we know and love today. 

Nicholas is an owner at his family’s limousin cattle ranch and first-time father with his wife of over ten years at their cottage home in Carthage, Texas. As one of multiple generations of his family working on the Red Rock Limousin Ranch, Nicholas has put his experience into words as an author with a passion to keep timeless Western culture alive and thriving for today’s readers. 

To connect with Nicholas and stay up to date on current projects, you can follow him on Facebook, X, and Instagram. You can also reach out directly by emailing him at