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Linell Jeppsen

Linell Jeppsen

Linell Jeppsen is the author of over thirteen, award-winning novels and short stories which range from science fiction, horror and fantasy to westerns and historical romance. She has written her whole life but was first published six years ago with the vampire novel, Detour To Dusk. It was written thirty years ago after binging on Anne Rice’s, Interview with a Vampire series while camping in the forest.

Living high up in the mountains in the state of Washington is enough to fire any writer’s imagination, especially if her thoughts tend to go “darkside” on occasion… Story Time (with over 130- 4 and 5 star reviews) is an “end of the world” epic thriller featuring Grand Coulee Dam, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the world’s deepest and deadliest caldera. (Yellowstone National Park).

And let’s not forget the popular science fiction series, The Guardians, written with the Welsh writer J. Bryden Lloyd.

Linell Jeppsen has written fairy tales, like The War of Odds and supernatural romances like ONIO- about a half-human Sasquatch who falls in love with a human girl. And then, if you like historical fiction; she wrote the highly-acclaimed, best-selling DEADMAN series with over 500- 4 and 5 star reviews and Far West, The Diary of Eleanor Higgins- a historical romance.

Jeppsen has won many awards including, The Peacemaker Award (Runner-up), the Global E-Book Awards, the Laramie Award, the Rone Award, the Reader’s Favorites Awards, the PRG’s “Best-Of” Awards and more.

She is still writing strong, and when she is not working on her own novels she proof-reads and edits other author’s manuscripts. Linell Jeppsen welcomes all of you to her stories, and sincerely hopes that you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoyed writing them.

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