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J. Bryden Lloyd

J. Bryden Lloyd

J. Bryden Lloyd was born in the village of Llay near Wrexham in North Wales in 1969. Now in his 40's, and married with 6 children and a couple of dogs, he still works as a contracting CAD designer.

In 2011, The Rise Of Va'kaar was the first of the series of Chronicles involving Jenson Quest and the Great Drak. It took 18 months to write and although it was originally planned to be a stand-alone novel, the ideas and directions it inspired have spawned a possible 9-book series, the first trilogy of which is already available.

Book 2, The Realms Of Jurrii, was published in November 2011 and book 3, The Cause, in June 2012.

Along with the Jenson Quest series, J Bryden Lloyd has also written The Zubot Master; a sci-fi series for younger readers. Part 1, Time Slip, was released in January 2012, and the second installment, The New Age, is due out soon.

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