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David Boop

David Boop

David Boop is a Denver-based speculative fiction author & editor. He’s also an award-winning essayist, and screenwriter. Before turning to fiction, David worked as a DJ, film critic, journalist, and actor.

David’s novels run the gambit, such as the sci-fi/noir She Murdered Me with ScienceThe Soul Changers, a historical, dark fantasy tie-in to Rippers Resurrected; and the Weird Western mosaic novel, The Drowned Horse Chronicle. He co-authored, with NYT Bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson, a near-future graphic novel series called Travailiant Rising.

David edited the bestselling and award-nominated Weird Western anthology series, Straight Outta TombstoneStraight Outta Deadwood and Straight Outta Dodge City. He’s currently working on a trio of Space Western anthologies starting with Gunfight on Europa Station. He’s editor on the forthcoming Jack L. Chalker Well World tribute anthology.

David is prolific in short fiction with many short stories including media tie-ins for Predator (nominated for the 2018 Scribe Award), Deadlands, Kolchak the Night Stalker, The Green Hornet, and Veronica Mars.

He’s a summa cum laude Graduate from UC-Denver in the Creative Writing program. He temps, collects Funko Pops, and is a believer. His hobbies include film noir, anime, the Blues and the Old West.