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A.W. Hart

A.W. Hart

The Avenging Angels and Gunslinger series were created by Wolfpack series editor Paul Bishop along with top western word slingers Peter Brandvold and Mel Odom. A.W. Hart is a pseudonym representing a posse of today’s best western writers, who are notated on the title page of each series entry.

"Mean Pete" Brandvold wrote the first book in the Avenging Angeles series, Vengeance Trail, while Mel Odom took the reins of the first Gunslinger volume, Killer’s Chance.

Other Avenging Angels and Gunslinger books have been written by Richard Prosch, Wayne D. Dundee, Eric Beetner, Michael Black, Mike Baron, James Hopwood, Chuck Dixon, Charles Gramlich, Tim Tresslar, and others. Every volume in both series are chock full of bullet-blazing Western and strong characters always fighting against the odds.

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