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Orphan Cowboy: A Classic Western Adventure

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In the heart of Texas, an unexpected legacy shapes one man’s destiny.

Lee Edward Holt, raised in the embrace of Our Lady of Mercy Orphanage, cherishes the only home he’s ever known. Unaware of his true parentage, he thrives within the familiar walls of his upbringing—until he uncovers a shocking truth.

Stepping into the vast expanse of Kerr County, Texas, the discovered existence of Lee Edward’s biological family awakens in him a sense of belonging. With a living mother and the late owner of Long Trail Ranch revealed as his father, he inherits an expansive 85,000-acre ranch alongside his stepsister, Mary Beth Hunter.

When a neighboring ranch threatens their land, Lee Edward takes it upon himself to partake in a daring cattle drive to save his family’s legacy. And in a breathtaking twist of events, he ends up on a perilous balloon flight, facing challenges that test the very fabric of his Texan spirit.

Will Lee Edward’s newfound love and the bonds forged on Long Trail Ranch be enough to conquer the challenges that lie ahead, or will this orphan cowboy’s legacy slip through his fingers once and for all?

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