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Rio Hondo (Three Rivers Book #3)

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From Spur Award-winning Author Lewis Preston, the final riveting novel in the Three Rivers series!

Wes Bracken is a rancher caught in the crossfire of the Lincoln County War, a bloody feud that pitted rival factions of merchants and cattle barons against each other in 1870s New Mexico. His life is threatened by his brother-in-law, who blames him for his sister’s death, by a powerful businessman who wants to crush his competition, and by Jesse Evans, a notorious outlaw who raped Bracken’s wife.

Bracken has two promises that make his survival even harder: he swore to his wife not to kill her brother, and he agreed to help William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, get a pardon from the governor for his crimes. To keep his word and his dream of a peaceful future, Bracken must face a corrupt legal system, a treacherous governor, a ruthless political ring, and the evil Jesse Evans.

If Bracken breaks his promises, he will dishonor himself and his family. If he keeps them, he may end up in an early grave with many of the Lincoln County War’s victims.