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Lethal Tender: A Team Reaper Thriller (Team Reaper Book #7)

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John Kane might be on a mission, but he’s experiencing a crisis of confidence this time around…

A jailed cartel leader buried a fortune—and it’s a kill or be killed race to find it!

Caesario Crisfulli is a major player in the French-Italian Corridor, the biggest drug syndicate in Europe. Crisfulli needs the cash to fund a mercenary army for his plans to dethrone the syndicate leader and take over. He’s motivated not by greed, but by revenge…

John Kane and Team Reaper have put the destruction of the French-Italian Corridor on the top of their priority list. If Crisfulli thinks he can simply dig up the money and control the flow of drugs through Europe, he has another thing coming.

The seventh book in the adrenalin-pumping Team Reaper series is guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat!