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Stonecroft Saga

It started as a brother defending the honor of his only sister, but it led to a bloody duel and a young man of a prominent family lying dead in the dirt…

Gabriel Stonecroft along with his life-long friend, Ezra, the son of the pastor of the African Methodist Episcopal church, at his side, the journey to the far wilderness of the west would begin. One man from prominent social standing, the other with a life of practical experience, are soon joined in life building adventures.

That journey would be fraught with danger, excitement, and adventure as they face bounty hunters, renegade Shawnee and Delaware Indians, and river pirates. The odds are stacked against the two young men that were lacking in worldly wisdom when it came to life on the frontier. But that reservoir of experience would soon be overflowing with first-hand involvement in happenings that even young dreamers could never imagine.