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The Moses Deception

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Archeologists Adam Chase and Lara Newton head an archeological dig in the mountainous, arid no-man’s-land on the border of Turkey and Syria, sponsored by an eccentric billionaire recluse, Buckeye Calhoun, whose obsession is Biblical inerrancy. A hillman attached to the dig leads Adam and Lara to a stunning discovery in a remote cave: a hidden ancient fragment of the tablets shattered by Moses upon his first descent from Mount Siani. The fragment indicates a Commandment not among the Ten included in the second set of tablets Moses presented to his people; one that, when revealed, will have an enormous impact on military conflicts.

Before Adam and Lara can evacuate the dig site, they’re caught up in the bloody civil war gripping the region. Ambushed by rebels, the duo flees the Country with the artifact in hand. Alone, in danger, and not sure who to trust, Adam and Lara must attempt to verify the tablet’s authenticity, knowing very well that what they find could change the world forever.