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Somebody's Business: A Classic Historical Western Romance Series (Nickel Hill Book #3)

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Somebody’s Business, the third in award-winning author Irene Bennett Brown’s Nickel Hill Series, explores the clash between old and new ways of life, as well as the importance of maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation in society.

Jocelyn Pladson purchases the Skiddy livery stable to assist the widow of its former proprietor. However, the arrival of Maretta Rudd and J.L. Cochran, two city slickers with dubious backgrounds and an obsession with motorcars, poses a challenge. They seek to convert the livery into an automobile company but disregard the continuing need for horses and mules in transportation and farming. J.L. campaigns for a seat on the town council to bolster their plans. Jocelyn opposes him, organizing a Fourth of July celebration to win over voters.

Unfortunately, the festivities are cut short by a rampaging dog, and J.L.’s horse race, in which he had wagered a fortune, is canceled. Jocelyn’s ward, Rom, proposes a race between his mule and J.L.’s Oldsmobile. J.L. wins, but he becomes incensed and hires hooligans to destroy Jocelyn’s livery. However, his scheme fails, and he faces the possibility of prison.