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Palomita: Dove of the Gabilans: A Native American Historical Romance (Central Coast Book #3)

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Dive into this captivating continuation of the Central Coast series and follow a fierce Spaniard woman as she fights for her family’s survival and navigates the unbalanced nature of love.

Maria Matera, nicknamed Palomita by her father, is the pride and joy of her family. For her mother, family pride and a good marriage are everything. For Palomita, independence is essential—and not often shown to a young woman in 1850s California.

But tragedy strikes when the American government stakes to claim the Matera’s land as theirs, and Palomita’s world is turned upside down. As a fight ensues for the land her brothers and father worked so hard to turn into a family homestead, Palomita struggles to keep her family alive and their heritage intact.

Considering marriage to Miguelito Robles, a young vaquero, may be the solution to all their problems. Yet as Palomita begins to open her heart to the notion of love, her mistrust of men cuts deeper than ever before.

Will Palomita’s story of betrayal turn into one of redemption as she chooses between walking the path set forth by others…or will she forge her own in a world where society thwarts a woman’s every move?