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Blood In The Snow (Rocky Mountain Lawmen Book #2)

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Rocky Mountain Lawmen...The Only Law The Land Had Ever Known

They were hard-riding men of the western frontier...a bold and rugged breed of straight-shooters meting out their own brand of high country justice...sworn to bring order to a wild and savage land where the only law was a loaded gun...

When trouble forced Travis Rhodes to flee his Clearwater, Iowa home, the rugged Civil War veteran hit the Oregon Trail west—where the lure of gold made greedy dangerous fools of men. But in the rough-and-ready Colorado mining town Intolerance, high in the Rockies, Rhodes met with a new breed of violence. Stepping in after the marshal was cut down in cold blood by marauding outlaws. Rhodes pinned the badge to his chest to deliver justice in a town where a blazing shotgun was the creed men lived—and died—by. Dalton Turlow, leader of the meanest gang of gun toughs in the territory, wasn't about to let a greenhorn lawman stop him from shooting his way to a fortune in gold. But if it was all-out war Turlow wanted. then war he'd get, as Travis rode out of town amid a blizzard of bullets and blood...and headed for a showdown where the first to draw wasn't always the last to die.