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Beyond the Cattle Gate: Outlaw History, Legends, and Treasures

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Tombstone, Deadwood, and Dodge City are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the truth of the American West. Are you ready to hear the whole story?

Written by industry-leading expert Timothy Draper, 
Beyond the Cattle Gate unlocks the secrets of real outlaws who shaped the American Frontier. Discover lost gold mines, forgotten western towns, and the buried loot of notorious outlaws that lie forgotten in America's majestic mountain ranges. Let this be your compass as you trace the faint footsteps of these renegades and witness a vivid depiction of the Old West—as never told before.

Unlike conventional history books, this remarkable narrative delves into the darker side of the Western era, unearthing forgotten and undisclosed historical events that shed new light on legendary criminals. Were they robbing banks solely for personal gain, or were they seeking to disrupt the wealth of the privileged? Read along as their motivations are revealed, and it’s disclosed how their actions shaped the course of the true American West.

Equipped with insight into outlaw history and legend, you can hold the power to embark on your own extraordinary treasure hunt. The ultimate discovery awaits those who dare to venture forth.

Embark on an extraordinary treasure hunt through the hidden history of the American West with Timothy Draper and unveil the untold stories of legendary outlaws that shaped a nation today!