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A Life Worth Living

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As the tenth anniversary of Mimi Deeths' death approaches, we are pleased to announce the re-release of her book "A Life Worth Living". Almost from the moment of her diagnosis with colon cancer, Mimi used her disease to glorify God and offer hope and encouragement to others struggling with difficult life circumstances. This book is a collection of short stories, letters, journal entries, e-mails, lecture notes, and much more that Mimi wrote during her close to ten-year battle with cancer. These writings offer a glimpse into the anguish and joys of living with a terminal condition.

Mimi always had a vision of writing a book, but in life never saw that dream come true. After Mimi's death, her daughter Elizabeth compiled these writings into this book. In addition to Mimi's writings, Elizabeth solicited testimonials from important people in Mimi's life to introduce each chapter. The testimonials show how much Mimi influenced these people's lives. There is a moving forward written by Dr. Ravi Patel, Mimi's oncologist, which offers insider insight into why a physician willingly enters into a specialty in which many of his patients will die.

Her stories, essays, and meditations should inspire all of us to enjoy life to the fullest. She approaches the bad times with humor and serenity and revels in the good times. Through all of her surgeries and treatments, she maintains her dignity with a bright outlook, enjoying every day to its fullest and still finding time to enjoy her friends and help strangers through their own difficulties.

Mimi was and continues to be an important person in many people's lives. Through this book, Mimi continues to impact the lives of people who never meet her. This includes students at California State Bakersfield, where her family chose to fund a memorial scholarship with the incredible volume of donations from family, friends, and people she helped through difficult times. Through this scholarship, many students have been affirmed both financially and emotionally as they struggle to better themselves.
This is a book to inspire, affirm, and even amuse people undergoing treatment for cancer, their families, or anyone who wants to share a part of the life of an amazing woman.