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Wet Work (VICAP Book #7)

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Code name: Nimrod the Hunter.

A top-secret government agency rescued this heartless psychopath from execution, gave him a new identity, honed his killing skills to a razor’s edge—and then allowed him to escape. VICAP veterans Flynn and Tanner personally witnessed the lethal injection and apparent demise of the infamous Bloodbath Killer. But the trademark brutality of Los Angeles’ latest serial murders leads Flynn and Tanner to an inescapable conclusion. Somehow the Bloodbath has returned, and this time, he’s smarter, crueler, more elusive—and deadlier than ever.


Though this series is fiction, VICAP is a real organization initially conceived in the late 1960s when the crimes of the Boston Strangler, Charles Manson, and other “motiveless” killers began to make national headlines. The case files of Special Agents Flynn and Tanner are a scorching record of brutal crime. Their Los Angeles is an urban nightmare ruled by psychotic lords of violence. But VICAP agents are tough and relentless—they never give up.