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London Assault: A Sam Raven Thriller (Sam Raven Book #9)

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Sam Raven is on a warpath.

MI5 suspects charity mogul Thomas Granton, a friend of King Charles, is involved with terrorists—and using his charity to fund death and destruction across the world. But they need hard proof.

Setting out to uncover the truth, complications arise when Raven discovers London’s biggest crime syndicate may also be involved. As he sorts the players and identifies his targets, the enemy responds with action of their own—a surprise sleight-of-hand that points Raven in the wrong direction, resulting in a death toll he can’t measure. As the stakes rise, Raven plans his all-out assault against an enemy who remains two steps ahead.

To make matters worse, the mastermind behind the conspiracy is a terrorist Raven tangled with ten years ago, and they’re about to cross paths again. But this time, only one of them will walk away alive.

You’ve never read action like this before!