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Hunting Shadows: A Native American Historical Mystery Series (The Anasazi Mysteries Book #6)

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From New York Times bestselling authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear comes part six in the thrilling Anasazi mystery series.

Archaeologists Dusty Stewart and Maureen Cole are thrust further into a world of primeval danger when a close friend is murdered at an archaeological site in New Mexico. After his body is found, rumors begin circulating that he was killed by the mythic creature known as Wolf Witch, an ancient murderer whose trail leads across centuries.

Though skeptical of the legend themselves, Dusty and Maureen are certain the murderer believes in Wolf Witch’s power. And as they delve deeper into the chilling puzzle, they unwittingly become entangled in a deadly trap set by the elusive killer.

In the thirteenth century, War Chief Browser is on the hunt for a madwoman responsible for a series of bizarre murders. In a world filled with hidden passions and timeless deceptions, his search for the enigmatic Shadow takes him on a perilous journey—with his only lead a peculiar young girl named Bone Walker, who is inexplicably tied to these terrifying events. But as Bone Walker seems lost in a haunting fantasy world, Browser must decipher her secrets to bring peace to the Katsinas People once and for all.

Will Dusty and Maureen unravel the ancient mystery of the Wolf Witch before they become its next victims?

Embark on the thrilling conclusion to the upending Anasazi mystery series, where the boundaries between reality and legend blur…or the balance of primitive powers will forever hang in the balance.