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Bullet Alley: A Sam Raven Thriller (Sam Raven Book #7)

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The past comes back to kill Sam Raven; this time, he may not survive.

An SOS from an old girlfriend brings Raven to Washington, DC, and soon he’s looking for a killer. Jennifer Denosha married Raven’s best friend instead of him, but now she says his old buddy is selling secrets to foreign spies. Before she can tell him more, she’s cut down by an assassin’s bullet.

It makes no sense—David Denosha is as big a patriot as Raven. As he begins to investigate, Sam discovers Jen wasn’t lying. Her husband really is the bad guy this time. And Raven has to decide how to deal with him.

But David Denosha is not alone. A conspiracy in Paris is behind his wicked game, and the man in charge doesn’t like trouble. He had no problem removing Denosha’s wife; he won’t have any problem removing anybody else, either.

In a race across half a continent, Sam Raven battles an enemy force out to win at all costs. You’ve never read action like this before!