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Branded Graves (Dark Range Book #2)

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“…this page-turner left me with a knot in my throat that’s still there…” –Peter Brandvold, bestselling author, on Brand Chaser: Dark Range One

In book 2 of the Dark Range series, Brand Inspector Emory Cross returns home to the Lost Daughter Ranch for a visit and finds herself caught in the middle of a modern-day range war motivated by greed and intimidation.

A shootout at the ranch leaves both Emory and her father fighting in a battle that’s neither of their own making, nor of their immediate understanding. Emory wants life to continue in Stampede, Rimrock County, much the way it always has, and free from outside influences. When that proves impossible, she wants justice and law and order to prevail–Cross family style

Organized crime and money laundering has moved into their region of Colorado—with deadly consequences. It’s up to Emory to bring to heel the criminal elements responsible, no matter the cost.