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A Last Serenade for Billy Bonney: A Novel on Billy the Kid

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In this novel of America’s most celebrated outlaw, Spur Award-Winning Author Mark Warren sheds light on the human side of Billy the Kid—and reveals the intimate stories of the lesser-known players in his legendary life of crime.

When John Blessing, composer and Santa Fe journalist, is assigned to report on a jailed prisoner who calls himself “William H. Bonney,” what begins as a formal interview, evolves into an unexpected relationship and a self-examination of John’s own cultured, city values.

After Billy the Kid’s death, John embarks on a journey to find Billy’s comrades and acquaintances—those who loved the Kid…and those who despised him. Was Billy Bonney a cold-blooded killer without a conscience, or was he a victim of the machinations of corrupt politicians in “the Santa Fe Ring?”

Ride along with John Blessing as he unravels one of Western history’s most fascinating enigmas by diving into the lives of the influential people who helped shape Billy the Kid’s life.

“…with Warren’s exceptional gift of creative writing, he has gotten inside the possible personality of this legendary outlaw.” True West Magazine