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The Speaker of Clovis Creek: A Historical Romance Novel

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Fighting to keep her past a secret, one woman struggles to preserve the future she’s worked so hard to build.

Ocean Galliard is trying to blend in as best she can in her new home of Clovis County. But when a prisoner is brought into the cafe she’s working at, unkempt and rambling in Polish, she can’t help but take action. Growing up with her Polish grandmother, Ocean knows enough to understand that this prisoner’s life—and the life of his child—are in imminent danger.

Working with the Clovis County Sheriff and his deputy, Ash Joes, to translate the man’s pleas, the case progresses. But Ocean’s knowledge of foreign languages attracts attention of the worst kind, and she’s soon thrust into the criminal underworld of cattle rustlers, kidnapping, and lynching.

As tensions build, Ocean begins to develop feelings for a certain tall, dark, and quiet deputy. And while Ash has never been a stranger to conflict and unrest, she can tell his limits are being tested as he struggles to keep her safe and protect his county.

Will Ocean forsake her own happiness to safeguard hidden truths…or will they unravel one translation at a time? Buy your copy today and dive into this western romance, full of danger, love, and intrigue.