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As the Rio Grande Valley reels from the onslaught of Cortina’s Mexican insurgents, a Tejano named Cardoza lays siege to a prominent rancho. Ranger Lin Jarret takes the assignment to ride to the defense, and he’s ready to fight the devil, not babysit pampered heiress Reece Sinclair—no matter how beautiful she is. Reece, however, holds more than one secret close to her breast—secrets shrouded in powder smoke, backed up with lead...and very dangerous for Lin Jarret.

When the Texas borderland explodes in all-out war, Lin Jarret is hurled into battle, his carbine and Colt .44 primed and ready. At his side are the surprisingly deadly Reece, a runaway slave with secrets of his own, and a hell-bending pack of wild shootists primed to kill.