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Buckskin Chronicles

When Jeremiah Thompsett comes of age and accepts the responsibility of fulfilling his mentor's long-held dream, it sets in motion a chain of events that will forever change the young man. Raised by an escaped slave named Ezekiel in the midst of the Arapaho nation in the Wind River Mountains, he now must track down the slave catchers that killed his adopted father and stole their cache. The Vengeance Quest takes him and his companions through the mountains and across the nation to fulfill the promise of freeing the family of slaves held dear by his adopted father.

Accompanied by Broken Shield and Laughing Waters, his Arapaho friend, and his sister, the trek to Fort Union is fraught with hazard and ambush. It is here they are joined by the crusty mountain man Scratch on their journey downriver and across the country to find Ezekiel’s family and set them free.