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Blood Mist: A Sam Raven Thriller (Sam Raven Book #10)

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Sam Raven is blazing a trail of justice.

In Madrid investigating a rumor of a former CIA agent joining forces with the most brutal drug cartel in Spain, Raven finds himself confronting a major conspiracy. The former CIA agent isn't just anybody. He's Raven's old boss, Martin Bennett.

The closer he gets to answers, the more obstacles block his path. A CIA surveillance station blows up while Raven’s on the scene, and hired assassins strive to remove him at any cost—including those of innocent lives.

As he turns over clues pointing to more than a rogue former spy, Raven discovers Bennett is connected to a deeper plot involving the CIA, Capitol Hill, and everywhere that brave men and women sacrifice for American freedoms. Now, Raven must decide if he can shoot the man who was once a brother to him. This time, it's him versus the ghosts of battles past—and Raven is on his own.

You’ve never read action like this before!