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The Heller Thrillers

A maverick son of the new West, Heller's a man you can turn to when your life's in danger...if you can get him off his butt. Born in the Colorado high country he's a part-time rancher and full-time drinker who savors a laid-back approach to living. But Heller's also a law school dropout with a head for justice that's as hard as the Colorado Rockies with a mile-wide stubborn streak. So he hires out to hopeless cases, hurtling into action when some big guy is putting the squeeze on a little guy - or gal. Whether he's tracking down a murderer, out hustling a high-tech con man, biking in the wilderness, or falling for a lady's charms Heller fights hard and plays harder. Wise-talking, quick-thinking, with a body that can absorb and dish out a lot of punishment: that's the combination that's kept Heller alive. So far.