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Wise Wolf Books Young Adult Starter Library

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Strap in and enjoy a rollicking ride through fairytale worlds, criminal empires, and more with eight sizzling series starters from some of Wise Wolf Book’s newest young adult storytellers.

From debut author Bethanie Finger–
More Than Life:
After her father's sudden death, nineteen-year-old Cordelia Kimbal is forced from her life of luxury and into the working class. She receives a mysterious letter revealing the location of the mythical island of Qualaris, which holds secrets of magic and eternal life. With her father's apprentice, Jasper, Cordelia must embark on a quest to save Qualaris from the dark enchanter Janus and embrace her birthright to defend its people from impending doom.

From Lee Matthew Goldberg–Runaway Train:
After the devastating loss of her sister, a 16-year-old girl decides to escape her neglectful parents and embark on a 90's adventure, fueled by music and a desire to avoid her sister's fate.

From Jerri Chisholm–The Sordid Selection:
The realization that one's ideal career and partner are not what they seem throws Alex Egelton into a tumultuous world of palace intrigue, deceit, and mystery, as she unravels cryptic clues that hold profound consequences.

From L.J. Martin–Two Thousand Grueling Miles:
In a quest to survive and protect his family while moving west, young and determined Jake Zane faces the grueling challenge of a 2,000-mile journey on the Oregon Trail, accompanied by a mute escaped slave and hundreds of others. Along the treacherous trail, they must conquer the wilderness, face wild animals, harsh weather, and hostile encounters, while disease and accidents pose a threat to their journey and dreams of a better life in the west.

From Chelsea Bobulski–All I Want For Christmas is the Girl Next Door:
In this heartwarming YA holiday romance novel, Graham Wallace finds himself caught between a decade-long love for the girl next door, Sarah Clarke, and the realization that some wishes are better left unfulfilled.

From Tamara Girardi–Gridiron Girl:
Julia Medina, determined to become the starting quarterback for Iron Valley High School's football team, faces challenges and controversy as she defies expectations and confronts gender biases.

From western author Chris Mullen–Rowdy: Wild and Mean, Sharp and Keen:
After a devastating tragedy leaves him alone and adrift, thirteen-year-old Rowdy embarks on a perilous journey of survival along the Mississippi River, where he discovers his inner strength and determination as he fights for justice.

From Rick Polito–The Attraction: House of Illusion:
Nate and Lily are torn out of their life in the ritzy North Bay for the summer and dropped in "the Mississippi of California" on the Sacramento River Delta, where they settle into life around their uncle's House of Illusion roadside attraction. As they delve deeper into the attraction's mysterious history, Nate unravels the enigma that has fueled his mother's suspicions that something or someone is after them.

These page-turning stories await, so dive in and let your imagination soar! Get your copy now!