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To The Overland Trail (Buckskin Chronicles Book #8)

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Bloody vengeance awaits…

The Overland Stage line had become the target of raids by the Dog Soldiers, a confederacy of Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Lakota that sought to regain the land stolen from the Indians by the new government of Colorado Territory. A bitter cold winter added to the danger of the continued assaults on wagon trains, stage stations, and stages. But when Colonel Chivington launched his retaliatory attack on the peaceful Cheyenne village that resulted in a massacre of women and children, the Indians will strike back again and again.

Talon Thompsett, Shotgun for the Overland stage line, would be caught in the middle of what would become the Colorado Indian Wars and after repeated skirmishes with the Dog Soldiers and living through a stage wreck, the injured Talon has a long trek ahead to return to his new wife. But she would not wait, and anxious to find her husband, sets out alone, not knowing if he’s dead or alive. But she is willing to take on the entire combined Indian nations to rescue her man.

Forced into a battle of her own, Ginny Thompsett proves her mettle and is joined by the legendary mountain man, James Beckwourth, in her continuing search for her husband. While the territory rages in the war between the Dog Soldiers and the many stage stations and ranches that were the object of their wrath, it is Talon’s determination to survive and Ginny’s commitment to prevail that will give this young couple a chance as a family and a future together.