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To Rainbow Valley: A YA Coming-Of-Age Novel

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From award-winning author Irene Bennett Brown comes a touching story of a young pioneer boy forced to grow up too quickly.

At the tender age of thirteen, Cotton Baldwin became the "man of his family," a difficult position for anyone to be in, but especially trying for Cotton, who was expected to lead his family far across the country after his father struck out for Oregon, where there was at least the promise of work. Cotton and the rest of the family were to follow after their dust-ridden farm was sold and the family's few remaining possessions were firmly tied to their old car.

Right from the beginning, Cotton intended to be a man. But this meant making unbearable sacrifices, and he just couldn't give up his cherished Pawnee bow or his faithful dog Shag. There was little money, but in spite of his grandmother constantly urging them to turn back, a serious fire, and a near-accident in a treacherous river, Cotton himself was determined not to give up.

Once in Oregon, Cotton was shocked to learn that as strangers seeking jobs, his family was not welcome. But, despite the obstacles, the Balwwin family was determined to begin a new life in the West.

Follow this young hero in the story of a Kansas farm family who come through almost impossible difficulties. Order your copy now!