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The Scott Stiletto Thriller Series, Volume Two (Books #5-#8)

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Brian Drake’s Scott Stiletto is the shadowy hero the world doesn’t know it needs...

A veteran CIA operator with a skill set to put Bond to shame, Scott Stiletto is on the forefront of the fight against tyranny, oppression, and all the other unseen enemies of the United States. His mission is a simple one: protect the integrity and freedom of the country at all costs. And sometimes those costs are high, and sacrifices must be made...

In this four-book second volume of the series, get ready for a pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat ride into the shadowy underworld that most people never know exists. With guns–and wits–blazing, Scott Stiletto continues his journey fraught with peril and danger, because if he doesn't deal with enemies of the state, who will? You can sleep better at night knowing Stiletto is out there...watching, waiting, and dealing death to those who would do the same to you if given the chance...

Included in The Scott Stiletto Thriller Series Volume Two are the following unabridged titles:

  • The Minas Deception
  • The Giordana Connection
  • The Blood Tide
  • The Rogue Agent