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The Other Side of Memory

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NYT bestselling author Robert Vaughan, who served 3 tours in Nam, brings you a riveting contemporary military story with deep romance elements.

When Jake Elliot "dies" on the operating table in 1996 he is encountered by the spirit of Tony Cordelli, his guide to the other side. Then, in a flash, Jake BECOMES Tony Cordelli; it is 1966, and Jake is reliving the last year of Tony's life just before his deployment to Vietnam.

As Tony, Jake meets and falls in love with Maggie Morris. The love affair seems star-crossed, he is a warrior, she is a war protester. When Tony is killed in Vietnam, Jake is resuscitated by the doctors, and is once more Jake Elliot. Thirty years have passed and Jake is confused by memories that aren't his own . . . memories of Vietnam, where he never served, and memories of a love affair with a woman he has never met. Or has he?

Jake is a novelist, are the memories the product of his creative imagination? Somehow he knows, regardless of how improbable it might be, that they are real. Driven by these memories, he finds Maggie, learns that she is widowed, and falls in love with her.....all over again....for the very first time.