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The Honky Tonk Big Hoss Boogie (Nashville P.I. Book #1)

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"A slick plot, fresh characters and a fascinating look at a giant industry and the city that's home to it . . . Bob Randisi at his absolute best." - Ed Gorman

Auggie Velez is a struggling "session man" in the Music Capital, Nashville. That means he'll play for any group that needs a guitar. When his second career as a private detective is facing lean times (which is almost always), Auggie will also take jobs that could get a guy in trouble. Offered five grand by a bigshot record producer to deliver "a little package," Auggie Velez should know better. But the producer dangles more in front of him than money: a chance at "making it" in the music trade.

Don’t miss crime master Robert J. Randisi at the top of his form, with a fast-moving mystery set in a honky tonk city where big dreams--and the dreamers--come to die.