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The Complete Dave Hunter and Ash Mawson Series (Books #1-#4)

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Take a journey with Dave Hunter and Ash Mawson in this four-book western collection by Gordon D. Shirreffs. If the terrain doesn’t kill them, the bullets certainly would...

In Hell’s Forty Acres, Bounty Hunter Dave “Treasure” Hunter enters the Colorado River area searching for a lost silver mine, but finds a woman with a mysterious past, hostile Paiutes, and betrayal. It was rich with the promise of silver—and sudden death. In Maximilian’s Gold, Hunter teams up with his buddy Ash Mawson to find the Mexican Emperor Maximilian's gold, stashed somewhere on the treacherous Chihuahua Trail. Gold can make a man as rich as a king. If it doesn’t kill him first.

In The Walking Sands, South of the Arizona border is the Gran Desierto, a vast area of shifting sand hills. It is there that a church was buried beneath the sands, never to be found again. Hunter believes the Jesuits' treasure is there for the taking—but so do some other very dangerous people. And in The Devil’s Dance Floor, Hunter returns, this time doing fancy footwork for a religious figurine. His search for the Virgin Mary figurine means crossing the Sonora Desert—the Devil's Dance.

The Complete Dave Hunter/Ash Mawson Series includes Hell’s Forty Acres, Maximilian’s Gold, The Walking Sands, and The Devil’s Dance Floor.