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The Adventurous Life of Tom "Iron Hand" Warren (The Mountain Men Book #5)

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Terry Grosz returns to the unexplored and many times dangerous early American West in his sixth mountain man novel, The Adventurous Life of Tom "Iron Hand" Warren, Mountain Man.

Tom Warren, a giant of a man in stature and physical strength, experiencing a deadly tragedy, turns to his new life as a mountain man in the largely unexplored mountain west, facing its many dangers in an attempt to forget his earlier life. Tom soon discovers new friendships among his kind at historic Fort Union, matched only by subsequent dangers and challenges from grizzly bears, renegade fur trappers, an Indian out to kill him, and the rescue of an Indian maiden in distress which gains him more deadly enemies. He achieved the name of "Iron Hand" because of his immense strength in battle and is so honored by the fierce Blackfeet Nation as a sign of respect and in that new life, gains a son and ends his adventures with a violent surprise that will eventually leave his readers with a smile as they too find themselves "chasing the winds of destiny"...

Terry Grosz was a Conservation Law Enforcement Officer for 32 years, initially for the State of California and later with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He has written fourteen memoirs and seven historical novels. His memoir, "Wildlife Wars" was a National Outdoor Book Award winner for the nature and environment category. A number of his memoir stories were broadcast as a docudrama on the Animal Planet series.