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Sterling Fierce and the Battle of the Elves: A YA Coming-Of-Age Fantasy Series (Sterling Fierce Book #3)

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Embark on a gripping journey with Sterling as he faces bewildering magical forces and tests the bonds of friendship in the epic conclusion of the Sterling Fierce trilogy.

When a powerful light witch, Evenna, vanishes under mysterious circumstances, Sterling is propelled into a desperate search across unknown realms. With the looming war of the elves threatening everything he holds dear, Sterling vows to find Evenna at any cost.

As Sterling delves deeper into the secrets of elemental magic and the enigma behind Evenna's disappearance, he must forge unlikely alliances to overcome daunting challenges. But with limited abilities and a deadly toxin coursing through his blood, Sterling realizes he cannot win this battle alone.

Only by embracing the courage to trust in others and becoming a true pack leader can Sterling hope to navigate the treacherous path ahead and safeguard those he cares about. Will he harness the skills of his allies to unravel the mystery and emerge victorious, or will darkness prevail?

Join Sterling in his final quest and discover the true power of friendship and bravery. Order your copy now.