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Stalker's Creek and Genesis Rider: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Western Writers of America Spur Award finalist Cameron Judd brings the Old West to life with gripping tales of the wild frontier in these two, full-length standalone novels.

In Stalker’s Creek, Matthew Fadden is a young man with a lot to live up to. His grandfather is the legendary Temple Fadden, a frontiersman nearly as famous as Davy Crockett. But all Matthew’s celebrated grandfather gave him was the chip on his shoulder and a Henry rifle, with a stock custom carved by the old frontiersman himself. So when the rifle is stolen, Matthew isn’t about to let the culprit get away with it.

He sets out to track down the thief, following rumors and a cold trail that leads him straight to the mining camp called Stalker’s Creek, a tough camp filled with saloons and brothels, a place prone to trouble.

And thus the stage is set for an explosive confrontation worthy of the greatest battles in Western history, real or imagined.

In Genesis Rider, when he was a boy, back in a California mining camp, Micah Ward learned the hard way to keep his mouth shut. He saw Tipton Barth commit a horrible murder, but when Barth’s brother threatened his family, Micah testified that he saw nothing. Tipton went free, and Micah tried to live with his guilt. He turned to the Good Book, and he became a preacher, intent on putting the past behind him and doing what he could to atone by way of good deeds.

But the past caught up with him one day in the form of a stranger with a tragic story of his own. The stranger’s family had been murdered in Montana—by a man named Tipton Barth. Micah knew what he had to do. He had to make a final atonement for that lie in his youth that turned a killer loose to kill again. Micah set out on a manhunt for Barth, armed with his Bible and the Holy Trinity—a shotgun, a rifle, and a pistol.

“Judd is a fine action writer.” — Publisher’s Weekly