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Spring Comes To The Widow: A Western Short Story

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Sam Fontaine rescues a baby when the rest of the family has died from drinking poisoned water. He takes the baby to la señora Ramos, who suggests that if he would like to keep the baby, he should find himself a woman to help him raise it. The señora happens to know of a young widow.

This story was originally published in New Trails, an anthology published by Doubleday in 1994 and edited by John Jakes and Martin H. Greenberg. Here are some excerpts from reviews of the book:

"What is surprising is just how good this collection is. . . . Several [stories] beg for the description 'instant classics,' including John D. Nesbitt's "Spring Comes to the Widow' "
-Washington Post

"Each story shares one common trait: a universality of human experience. . . . in 'Spring Comes to the Widow' by John D. Nesbit, we recognize our kinship with these characters . . ."
--Roundup Magazine

"Many of the stories, such as John D. Nesbitt's 'Spring Comes to the Widow,' are classical genre pieces that will appeal to already committed western fans."
--Publisher's Weekly