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Slaughter In The Sacramento Valley

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In the age of commercial market hunting, huge populations of migratory birds were slaughtered and shipped throughout the Country and the world. By the time Conservation laws and practices began to show results, some species were already decimated, and others had begun to slide into extinction.

Read about the true stories of avian destruction that occurred during the mass-market hunting days of California’s Sacramento Valley. You’ll hear from both the shooters engaged in the slaughter and the out-numbered and hard-pressed wildlife law enforcement officers whose dangerous job it was to stop them. There are also stories of the unsung heroes of wildlife preservation—those people who have quietly gone about the business of saving those in the world of wildlife who have little or no voice.

This book provides an exciting glimpse into the rough-and-tumble and often dangerous tide into a bloody spell of American history that has long been ignored—a history in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation documents that the mortality rate of Conservation Officers is nine times higher than the next most dangerous kind of law enforcement.

Terry Grosz was a Conservation law enforcement officer for more than 30 years, both nationally and internationally. A natural storyteller, Grosz writes about some of the remarkable characters he met—on both sides of the law—and some of the tight spots he got in and out of.