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Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume Three (Books #15-#21)

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Private Eye Writers of America Life Achievement Award winner, Richard S. Prather brings Shell Scott to life. Known for its arched humor, punchy dialogue, and sunny Southern California locale, the Shell Scott PI series is detective fiction at its finest.

I wasn't too happy to be looking down the barrel of every gunman in California's pistol and when I heard them humming murder music on their lips, the melody was sour and I knew it was being dedicated to only one man – me. My line of work has its perks – and it should when I lay my life on the line for dangerously daring women even if they are among the most luscious ladies I've ever met. But this time, they want me, Shell Scott, to be the headline in the obituaries section, and all I want to do is turn off that dancing music and run to save my life.

"(Shell Scott is) as amusingly blithe a figure as the field has seen since the Saint."Anthony Boucher

Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume Three includes Slab Happy, Take a Murder Darling, Over Her Dear Body, Dance With The Dead, Dig That Crazy Grave, Shell Scott's Seven Slaughters, and Kill The Clown.