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Satin and Silver

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Fay Taylor was a golden-haired beauty with a singing voice that could melt the heart of even the most hardened and desperate miner. Glenn Donovan was a brilliant young fortune-seeker with limitless energy and a bold...even audacious dream. Against the backdrop of America's greatest silver strike, they created a fabulous destiny...and a powerful love. But the unyielding ambition that drove them both to Virginia City, Nevada and the Comstock Lode's buried riches threatened to tear them apart forever.

Satin and Silver plunges the reader into the deep, steamy Comstock Lode mines where immense pockets of silver were plundered and where two soon-to-be-famous journalists, Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain and Dan DeQuille told their amazing stories while famous dancers and actors of the day performed in Piper's Opera House to the delight of raucous hard-rock miners. This is a never-to-be-forgotten story of ambition, betrayal, and hardship...but most of all it is a great love story set in fabulous times.