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Roanoke Raiders and Powder Boy of the Monitor: Two Full Length Historical Civil War Novels

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Spur Award and Owen Wister Award winner Gordon D. Shirreffs spins tales of the old west that are exhilarating and bigger than life. In this double volume, Shirreffs turns his authority toward thrilling Civil War-era naval stories, both of which will take you on an incredible journey through a time before modern naval warfare.

In Roanoke Raiders, the subject is Admiral William Cushing, renowned for his skill as a naval officer. Fourteen-year-old David Scott tells the tales as a young Cushing rises through the ranks, making his mark and building a legacy many still reference today.

In Powder Boy of the Monitor, Dick Morgan is responsible for ensuring the USS Monitor’s armaments are supplied with dry powder and cartridges to sustain—and win—every battle they undertake. His adventures aboard the country’s first ‘ironclad’ warship are the stuff of legend. When the Monitor encounters the second ‘ironclad,’ the Merrimack, naval warfare is changed forever as the age of wooden vessels is forgotten in favor of more durable iron vessels.

“Excitement is high; action is authentically drawn as are the characters…”— Kirkus Reviews