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Ride to the Bullet: A Lone McGantry Western (Lone McGantry Book #10)

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Wayne Dundee's no-nonsense hero saddles up yet again, hell-bent on surviving and cutting off his latest threat at the source.

Eight months into rebuilding his abandoned horse ranch, former Indian Scout Lone McGantry’s world takes a treacherous turn when he comes to the aid of ex-outlaw Wade Avril. Fending off three vengeful gang members from Wade’s past, Lone unwittingly draws the ire of gang leader Pike Grogan.

With a bounty on Wade’s head, the duo decides to confront the menace at its source: Pike’s hideout in North Dakota. As they navigate a landscape fraught with bounty hunters, old grudges, and unexpected challenges, their quest for justice becomes a bloody fight for survival.

Along the way, they'll discover the true cost of redemption in a land where danger lurks at every turn, testing their mettle and redefining the boundaries of vengeance.

Join Lone on this action-packed journey for justice in the rugged and untamed American West.

“Don’t let anyone try to tell you the Western is dead. Wayne Dundee is one of the reasons the genre is not only alive but thriving.” —James Reasoner, New York Times bestselling author